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NW-Ind Classifieds

NW-Ind Classifieds Grand Opening


NW-IndFor a limited time, we are offering these NW-Ind Classifieds currently for FREE. The only requirement for now is that you must register to run your AD. Just click on one of our NW-Ind Classifieds links or CLICK HERE.


Please NOTE: We are experimenting with this  application for the benefit of our local NW Indiana Residents. Please help spread the word and share this with others. The more people that are aware of these ‘NW-Ind Classifieds’, the more effective your Ads will be. Why not… It is FREE.


We may run into some glitches or we may not. If so, we will try to repair as soon as possible. However, if this gets to be too much, we will have to start charging a FEE or take it offline completely


NW-Ind Classifieds

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